My Life Now

My Life Now

Before I would even say that I’m an Olympic medalist, or a high level coach, I must say that I am beyond measure, happy to be a mom, first and foremost. It is hard to be a Mom. It is a very hard work. Dealing with my kids is a lot more difficult compared to dealing with my students. Is hard to balance my time between work and home, but I accomplish it.

People think that if you win an Olympic medal, you can do just about anything. But it really is the other way around…. If you can be a good mom/parent, you’ve done more than win an Olympic medal. My kids are my everything.

They make me happy and smile when I think about them. Alex loves hockey. He did not like figure skating at all. It did upset me for a second maybe but I am very glad that he enjoys hockey. I do not see my boy wearing skating outfits and jumping around with a funny look on his face. Sophia loves skating.

I am working with many great skaters. I coach in North Carolina. All my students are working hard to become the best they want to be. I have a few young kids that I believe will be able to go pretty far in the sport.

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Elena Betchke

North Carolina Figure Skating Coach

1989 World Bronze Medalist
1992 Olympic Silver Pair Medalist
1996 World Professional Champion
Stars on Ice Performer 1993 – 2000
Coaching since 1995

Sports Academy College, St. Petersburg, Russia
Sports Science and Theory of Physical Education.

PSA, ISI, and USFSA Member

Coaches in Garner and Cary Rinks.
North Carolina, USA